Five orphan cats are looking for new home.

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First, I am introducing myself shortly. My family name is Igawa. I am working at IT Company and living in Suginami Tokyo with my partner. This cats’ rescue is volunteer work.

I am looking for the owner of cats who are under my care.
Recently, five stray cats are in my neighborhood. They seems to not have their territory, I watched they are living without any protections. Therefore I have rescued then because they were wet by cold winter rain.

I have had four elderly cats in my home already.
Therefore I rescued only two cats at first. However, other three cats called two rescued cats from outside. Rescued two cats were also calling other cats.
They seemed to want to be with their brothers. Finally I rescued all of five cats. Just now, they are sleeping with together.

These cats are very claver. The personality is very friendly and gentle. They understood how to use their litter box so quickly. They like to live with human.
Health condition is good. I provide that following medical care before these cats leave my home.

  1. Flea removal
  2. Parasites testing (stool analysis)

Note: In my experience, sometimes stray finds parasites after couple of month, even once stool analysis result has been negative.

  1. FeIV (Cat AIDS) Testing
  2. Protective vaccination
  3. Doctored.

Other status

  • Age: Approximately 7-8month.
  • Weight: 3 - 3.5kg.
  • Sex: Male

The details of each cat.

  1. Ushi-chan No.1: Black and white (cow print). He is leader of group. This cat is very claver. He likes to play with cardboard container.
  2. Ushi-chan No.2: Black and white (cow print). He is indrawn and quiet character. This cat is also claver. He wants to stay with Uchi-chan No.2. If you want several cats, I recommend a pair of Uchi-chan No.1 and No.2.
  3. Ikemen-chan: Silver tabby cat. He is active and friendly.
  4. Shirokuro-chan: White and Black cat. He is also spoiled character. He also indrawn characters.
  5. Kuro-chan: Black cat. He is lonely and spoiled character. I think he is suitable for family with children.

Conditions for assignment of these cats.

  • Living in house/apartment in which pets are allowed to live.
  • All family members agree to have cat.
  • Keep the cats indoor.
  • Provide appropriate care through life for cats.
  • We will bring cat to your home directly.